About Us

The Free Ukraine Resistance Movement is a citizen-led movement dedicated to the protection and restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine operating since 2014.

From the first day of the aggression in 2022, we began deploying forces and means and, at the same time, engaged in active hostilities.

Today Ukraine is the front line in the fight against tyranny in Europe. We will resist!

Our activists operate in almost all regions of Ukraine, counteracting the invader in the Kyiv region and the eastern borders of Ukraine. They are fighting as the members of the Volunteer Battalions, Territorial Defence Battalions, regular units and underground organisations.

Our second front is media communications and diplomacy, as well as the humanitarian aid organisation for the families of heroes.

This grassroots network is made up of volunteers from the worlds of media, civil society, politics, and security groups which has evolved since the war began.

We are the fighting civic society.

We provide communications support to all Ukrainians resisting Russian aggression, as well as communicate the Ukrainian resistance to the international community. If the Ukrainian government should fall, we will lead resistance to Russian occupation.

Our background and roots

Founded by the leaders of the Maidan Self-Defence group back in 2014, we are now a nation-wide resistance movement operating almost all regions of Ukraine.

During 2019-2022, named that time the “Capitulation Resistance Movement”, we’ve organised 20+ Nation wide street protests and resisted Ukraine accepting the Steinmeier formula and Minsk Agreements.

We’ve literally ruined Putin’s plans to ruin Ukraine from inside by the Russia-led agents in Ukranian Parliament active at that time. We knew that Putin would not stop.

This is why even months before the full scale invasion we’ve already started to mobilise and train people for all levels of resistance to defend Ukraine – military, communications, humanitarian help and diplomacy.

We’ve started the campaigns which soon became global – #UkrainiansWillResist, #SayNoToPutin, #PunishPutin.

We are linked to a network of diaspora partners across Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal, and Argentina of around 5000 people. There is also a minor presence in UAE and Australia.

Free Ukraine does not set itself political goals and does not seek the sympathy of the electorate. Politics and intrigue are out of time.

Our key messages to the World

  1. This war is not just about Ukraine. It applies to everyone in the democratic world due to the risks of nuclear war and terrorism.
  2. Ukrainians will resist. Ukraine is not simply a victim of Russia, but a strong, capable, independent state that is effectively repelling Russia’s attack taking account the number of resources we have.
  3. Punish Putin. The Russian president and all his collaborators must be sentenced in international tribunal as war criminals and criminals against humanity. This war and crimes must never happen again.

Dimensions of our work:

  • Mobilise the active citizens of Ukraine to join the resistance
  • Spread information about the practices, methods and goals of resistance
  • Engage with the international community to keep the world’s attention on the invasion of Ukraine
  • Conduct acts of insurgency against the occupying forces.

Help us win the battle for democracy and peace!

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